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Our Stories

Our Stories


The Darlington Refurbishment project remains on track at two-year mark

21 December, 2018
Workers assemble fuel channels for Darlington's Unit 2.

The 10-year mega-project began in October 2016 with the successful shutdown of Unit 2, the first of four nuclear reactors at the Darlington station to undergo a mid-life refurbishment.

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New Nanticoke Solar facility taking shape

19 December, 2018
Solar panels installed at the Nanticoke site.

Work is well underway to transform the former home of Ontario’s largest coal-fired station into the company’s first ever solar power facility.

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The winning pitches at this year’s OPG Ignite competition

17 December, 2018
This year's OPG Ignite winners were Evercloak, Taiga Robotics, and McMaster University's LIBS for Pressure Tubes team.

This year’s winners of OPG’s Ignite pitch competition wowed the judges with some truly inventive ideas and techniques that promise to help advance the energy industry.

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Our People: Christy DeCarlo

07 December, 2018
Christy DeCarlo

For this Darlington Refurbishment pipefitter, a strong safety mindset isn’t something left at work at the end of the day.

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Niagara dam safety drill readies OPG's response plan

30 November, 2018
OPG staff gather around the Mobile Command Vehicle during a recent full-scale dam safety exercise in Niagara.

Full-scale dam safety exercises take place annually within OPG’s Renewable Generation group.

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OPG staff support Canada's wounded veterans and first responders

26 November, 2018
Emergency and security staff at OPG's Pickering and Darlington stations are wearing red epaulets to support Wounded Warriors Can

Through November, security and emergency staff at our nuclear stations are wearing red epaulets to support Wounded Warriors Canada’s Slip on Your Red Campaign.

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Ice booms keep winter's deep freeze at bay

19 November, 2018
The Niagara ice boom on Lake Erie.

Without the ice booms, hydroelectric power production on the St. Lawrence and Niagara Rivers would be seriously impeded and the risk of flooding greatly increased.

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Mom and daughter team up to promote women in energy

15 November, 2018
Janice Robertson Taylor and Hunter Taylor recently volunteered at OPG's Student Day.

For Hunter Taylor, the key to blazing her own career path in the energy industry was having a great female role model - her mom.

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