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Our Stories

Our Stories


Our People: Rene Heeringa

18 October, 2018
Rene Heeringa, Authorized Nuclear Operator in Training

Heeringa has been in training for the past year and a half to become an authorized nuclear operator, tasked with operating a reactor from inside the control room.

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Youth create power at Elephant Thoughts science camp

16 October, 2018
Elephant Thoughts encourages learning in science and technology.

At the Mattagami First Nation near Timmins, students on summer break enjoyed a hands-on lesson in how OPG creates its power.

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Our People: Karissa Palinka

12 October, 2018
Karissa Palinka, Environmental Qualification Specialist

Palinka works as an environmental qualification specialist at OPG's Pickering Nuclear Generating Station.

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OPG sends up an eye in the sky for dam upgrade

10 October, 2018
A drone helped survey the downstream surface of the 81-year-old Frederick House Lake Dam.

In northeast Ontario, drone technology is helping OPG prepare to upgrade the 81-year-old Frederick House Lake Dam.

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Piping plovers flapping back to life

03 October, 2018
Piping plover and chick.

The endangered piping plover virtually disappeared from Ontario’s shores in the 1970s due to loss of beach habitat and human-related disturbance.

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OPG employee strives to break the cycle of poverty

01 October, 2018
Simon Kariuki, left, stands with students during a 2017 visit to Kenya.

Growing up in the rural village of Mbuju in Kenya, Simon Kariuki knew education was the key to escaping the extreme poverty that surrounded him.

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Reassembly of Unit 2 underway nearly two years into the Darlington Refurbishment project

26 September, 2018
Calandria tubes are inspected at the Darlington Energy Complex.

Refurbishment of Unit 2 is scheduled for completion in 2019, with all four units at Darlington refurbished by 2026.

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Future Dog Guide puppy learning on the job at OPG

24 September, 2018
Bronco sits next to Chris Ginther, OPG's Chief Administrative Officer.

Bronco is an adorable puppy that is part of the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides program, a national charity that breeds, trains, and matches Dog Guides.

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