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Our Stories

Our Stories


New fish counter keeps an eye out for Atlantic salmon

18 January, 2018
A returning adult Atlantic salmon.

Fish in the Ganaraska River in Port Hope have become the latest reality TV stars.

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The many unseen wonders of OPG's nuclear products

16 January, 2018
Cobalt-60 produced at OPG's Pickering Nuclear Generating Station is used to sterilize medical equipment.

Whether it's sterilizing medical equipment and food or providing luminescent lighting, Ontario’s nuclear products help keep us healthy and safe.

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Heartland Forest restoring 10-hectare wet meadow for pollinators

11 January, 2018
Heartland Forest is home to a provincially significant wetland teeming with natural features and species.

The privately owned Heartland Forest opened in 2004 with a mandate of preservation, education and accessibility.

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Ice booms keep winter's deep freeze at bay

09 January, 2018
The Niagara ice boom on Lake Erie.

Without the ice booms, hydroelectric power production on the St. Lawrence and Niagara Rivers would be seriously impeded and the risk of flooding greatly increased.

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Niagara icebreaker working overtime to keep the water flowing

05 January, 2018
OPG's Niagara Queen II ice breaker

First commissioned in 1992, OPG's small, dependable icebreaker helps keep the water flowing to our Adam Beck hydroelectric stations.

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Protecting the rare grey fox on Pelee Island

04 January, 2018
The grey fox has grizzled grey fur and light cinnamon coloured patches.

Pelee Island is the last confirmed refuge in Ontario for the threatened grey fox species.

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