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Our Stories

Our Stories

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Piping plovers flapping back to life

03 October, 2018
Piping plover and chick.

The endangered piping plover virtually disappeared from Ontario’s shores in the 1970s due to loss of beach habitat and human-related disturbance.

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Celebrating the Bruce Trail, Canada's oldest and longest footpath

21 September, 2018
The OPG-sponsored Bruce Trail Day includes free guided hikes.

The well-loved trail receives about 400,000 visits per year from a mixture of dog walkers, casual strollers and expert hikers.

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Exploring the Rouge: An urban oasis

21 September, 2018
The Rouge National Urban Park is a stunning natural wonder just outside of Toronto.

Spanning more than 79 square kilometers from Lake Ontario to the Oak Ridges Moraine, the Rouge is Canada’s first national urban park.

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OPG sends out the drones to help fight invasive plant species

06 September, 2018
OPG recently deployed drones to help survey the growth of invasive Phragmites

OPG deployed drones to keep invasive Phragmites in check at the Western Waste Management site in Kincardine.

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Lake sturgeon thriving again in the Upper Mattagami River

22 March, 2018
Wendy Cudmore, Senior Environmental Advisor with OPG, holds a lake sturgeon.

In the Upper Mattagami River in northern Ontario, the long-absent lake sturgeon continues to mount an astounding comeback.

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OPG helps keep eyes on the skies for birds, bats, and insects

08 March, 2018
The new Motus Wildlife Tracking receiver installed at the Nanticoke GS site will help track tagged birds like the piping plover.

The international Motus Wildlife Tracking System boasts more than 350 automated radio telemetry stations spread across the Western Hemisphere.

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Eastern Ops and Lennox GS receive top recognition for conservation work

20 February, 2018
Egrets are seen lounging on the water at Lennox GS's wetland area.

The sites were recognized by the Wildlife Habitat Council for the excellent biodiversity and conservation work taking place there.

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New fish counter keeps an eye out for Atlantic salmon

18 January, 2018
A returning adult Atlantic salmon.

Fish in the Ganaraska River in Port Hope have become the latest reality TV stars.

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