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<strong>In the northeast, new hydroelectric development yields great rewards</strong>

 <strong>In the northeast, new hydroelectric development yields great rewards</strong>

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With hydroelectric development comes many economic benefits. From new jobs, to new revenue streams, to new business for local suppliers, OPG’s recent developments in northeast Ontario have had many positive ripples in the community.

One man who has felt this is Michael Archibald.

Michael Archibald
Michael Archibald services OPG hydroelectric stations in northeast Ontario.

​Living in Cochrane, in northeastern Ontario, Archibald had a hand in building some important clean energy developments in the area as a contract labourer. Now as an OPG employee, he has a hand in keeping some of these hydroelectric stations running smoothly.

“You learn a lot more about the inspection process and about how to keep dams running,” said Archibald, now a Service Trades Maintainer at the Abitibi Canyon work centre responsible for maintaining OPG’s nearby hydroelectric stations.

A member of the Taykwa Tagamou Nation (TTN), Archibald most recently worked on the construction of the Peter Sutherland Sr. Generating Station (GS). The new hydroelectric facility located on the New Post Creek is a partnership between OPG and Coral Rapids Power, a wholly owned company of the TTN.

Working with contractor Kiewit, Archibald helped construct the station’s walls and intake structures. It was during this project, which employed several TTN members, that Archibald jumped at the opportunity to join OPG full-time, applying for an opening as a general tradesperson at the Timmins work centre.

He started work there in 2016 before applying for his current position at Abitibi Canyon. He now works with a team of six other Service Trades Maintainers who conduct monthly inspections and maintenance of OPG’s hydroelectric stations in the Abitibi Canyon area, which include Otter Rapids GS and now Peter Sutherland Sr. GS.

Prior to this, Archibald contributed as a labourer to two earlier OPG developments, the Upper Mattagami and Lower Mattagami River projects. “With the Upper Mattagami project, it was a totally new experience for me. I learned quite a lot through the construction phase,” he said.

Whether as a contractor or employee, Archibald has embraced the opportunities and training OPG’s developments have provided. Now with 10 years of experience under his belt, the tradesman says he looks forward to servicing stations like Peter Sutherland Sr. GS and keeping them in top shape for the long haul.

“I just want to keep getting training for my trade and keep improving,” Archibald said.