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Darlington Refurb Project News

OPG’s Subo Sinnathamby driving nuclear projects to the next level

Subo Sinnathamby knows how important it is to start a nuclear refurbishment on the right foot.

Subo Sinnathamby is Senior Vice President, Nuclear Refurbishment at OPG.
Subo Sinnathamby is Senior Vice President, Nuclear Refurbishment at OPG.

As Darlington Nuclear Generating Station’s Fuel Handling Senior Manager in 2017, Sinnathamby led Unit 2’s defuel campaign, the first major step in the Darlington Refurbishment Project.

It was completed safely and with quality 26 days ahead of schedule.

The first of four Darlington units to undergo refurbishment, Unit 2 returned to power in June after an approximately three-and-a-half year mid-life overhaul.

Sinnathamby returns to Darlington just in time for Unit 3’s defuel, as Senior Vice President, Nuclear Refurbishment.

“Our success is truly dependent on ensuring those lessons learned from Unit 2 help shape our planning and execution on Unit 3 and subsequent units – that’s critical to our success as we move forward,” said Sinnathamby, who began at OPG as a System Responsible Engineer in 2001.

After leading Darlington’s Fuel Handling team, Sinnathamby moved first to the position of Director of the Work Management, Centre-led Functional Area Management (CFAM), then to Vice President, Inspection and Reactor Innovation (IRI). Most recently, her team executed the Unit 3 Single Fuel Channel Replacement, which wrapped up on Thursday, Sept. 3, allowing for defuelling to begin.

“Subo’s ability to think top and bottom line is evident in the work she has done to grow IRI’s capacity in offering services to CANDU industry partners, with a goal of being a leader in critical asset management in the energy sector,” said Dietmar Reiner, Senior Vice President and Chief Project Officer. “Subo is an enterprise leader whose focus on diversity, innovation and performance will drive the refurbishment project to the next level.”

Key to refurbishment success is teamwork, preparation and executing safely and with quality the first time. This is absolutely necessary as the project works to deliver results on a schedule that will eventually see more than one unit being refurbished at once, said Sinnathamby.

“We will certainly have challenges along the way on such an extensive and complex project,” she said. “What’s important is how we handle them as an organization.”