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2017 News Articles

Ontario Energy Board issues decision on OPG rate application

29 December, 2017
The Sir Adam Beck Generating Stations

The decision comes after an extensive regulatory review process, which included a lengthy public hearing.

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Please stay clear from rivers and dams this holiday season / Pendant les Fêtes, restez à l’écart des rivières et des barrages

20 December, 2017
Trethewey Generating Station covered in snow.

Stay clear and stay safe while celebrating the holidays. / En cette période de réjouissances, n’oubliez pas que de rester plus loin, c’est plus sûr.

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Successful Emergency Preparedness exercise complete

08 December, 2017
Exercise Unified Control team members review emergency exercise data.

Exercise Unified Control took place at Pickering Nuclear on December 6 and 7.

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A symbol of reconciliation: New First Nations Peace Monument unveiled in Thorold

08 December, 2017
Architech and activist Douglas Cardinal stands in front of the first nations monument he designed.

An historic encounter and the actions of heroic first nations warriors are being remembered in a new monument at DeCew House Heritage Park.

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Removing culverts near our inactive Wesleyville GS that have impeded the migration of native fish species

06 December, 2017
Wesleyville creen on the left, a native fish on the right

Efforts are continuing to help restore Wesleyville Creek’s natural connections to help the native brook trout population flourish.

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Emergency preparedness exercise begins tomorrow at our Pickering Nuclear Generating Station

05 December, 2017
The Exercise Unified Control logo

OPG and more than 30 partner organizations are participating in large-scale, emergency preparedness exercise on Dec. 6 and 7, 2017.

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Next major phase of the Darlington Refurbishment begins

27 November, 2017
Workers remove parts from a nuclear reactor for refurbishment

OPG starts removing vital reactor components from Unit 2, such as end fittings, pressure tubes and calandria tubes.

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Financial Accountability Office report says refurbishing Ontario's nuclear stations is green and cost-effective

21 November, 2017
Darlington Nuclear Generating Station (left) and Bruce Nuclear Generation Station (right)

Ontario Power Generation and Bruce Power respond to the new report.

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