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Stay clear and stay safe this holiday season

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Stay clear and stay safe this holiday season
Icy conditions near rivers and dams can change quickly.



Toronto – Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is reminding the public to stay safe this holiday season by obeying all warning signs, fencing and booms near its hydroelectric stations and dams.

“The holidays are always a great time to enjoy the outdoors,” said Mike Martelli, OPG’s President Renewable Generation. “However, during the winter months water levels can change quickly and without warning, making ice conditions unpredictable and potentially dangerous. Please respect the signs and barriers around OPG facilities. They are there for your safety, regardless of the season.”

OPG’s dams and stations are often controlled from hundreds of kilometres away. The changing water currents and flows near our stations mean that when ice starts to form, it will be thin and not safe for recreation. If you are enjoying the outdoors this holidays, please stay clear and stay safe.

For more information about water safety, please visit:

OPG generates safe, clean, reliable, low-cost power for Ontario. More than 99 per cent of this power is free of smog and carbon emissions. OPG’s power is priced an average of 40 per cent lower than other generators, which helps moderate customer bills.

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