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Solar: Harnessing the sun's rays

Look up in the sky, what do you see? A vital source of clean energy.

In addition to providing heat and light, the sun’s rays can be harnessed by photovoltaic panels and converted into carbon-free electricity to power homes and businesses.

OPG is tapping into the sun’s power at the Nanticoke Solar facility, which generates 44 megawatts through more than 192,000 solar panels. Learn more about how solar power is keeping Ontario’s future bright.

Did you know?

1941 was

the year the first solar panel cell was created

3,040 megawatts

of generating capacity is provided by solar in Canada as of 2018

44 megawatts

Nanticoke Solar Project is the eighth largest solar photovoltaic facility in Canada

138 solar farms

with a capacity of at least one megawatt are currently up and running in Canada