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Explore the fascinating world of power generation

Welcome to OPG's Knowledge is Power – a new video series that explores the exciting world of power generation in Ontario. Take an up-close look at the amazing people and places that power our great province.

As Ontario’s largest, low-cost clean energy generator and innovator, we have so many interesting stories to tell.

  • How does nuclear energy work?
  • How does the electricity system work in Ontario?
  • What are nuclear isotopes and what do they have to do with healthcare?
  • What ever happened to the Nanticoke coal station?
  • What types of jobs are involved in running a station?

Find these answers and many more. We promise to keep it simple, insightful and fun. So sit back and enjoy.

Latest episodes
Knowledge is power

Episode 11: Natural gas – Power on demand

During a heat wave or on the coldest day of the year, natural gas is there to make sure Ontarians have the electricity they need to stay comfortable.

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Knowledge is power

Episode 10: Nuclear energy – The core of Ontario's power

How does nuclear energy work? It all starts with the small, but mighty, uranium pellet.

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Knowledge is power

Episode 9: Solar - Harnessing the sun's rays

The sun's rays can beharnessed by photovoltaic panels and converted into carbon-free electricity to power homes and businesses.

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Knowledge is power

Episode 8: OPG's power plant of ideas

From virtual reality to 3D printing, there's a whole lot of innovation going on at OPG's X-Lab. This special division is tapping into the latest techn...

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