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Clean fuel made by OPG

More than 30% of Ontario’s greenhouse gas pollution is caused by the transportation sector, with cars and trucks being the largest contributors.

With the increase of commuters and vehicle ownership, it is now more important than ever to mobilize our clean electricity to decarbonize other sectors.

See how OPG is innovating with electrification to build a world-leading carbon-free economy.

Clean electrons to power cars, trains, buses and ferries

In 2014, OPG burned our last piece of coal to make electricity. This remains the world’s single largest action to combat climate change to date. Today, we provide more than half of the electricity used in Ontario.

We’re proud of this achievement, and we believe using clean electrons to power our cars, trains, buses and ferries is the next big climate change victory in Ontario.

OPG has developed an electrification strategy that supports the province in its fight against climate change, and allows us to take advantage of potential future commercial growth and innovation opportunities in the area of electrification.

Our transportation electrification strategy

Learn about how OPG is preparing for the electric vehicle revolution.

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Our electrification strategy

OPG’s electrification strategy focuses on:

  • Leveraging our clean electricity to support the electrification of transportation
  • Maximizing the use of existing clean generation investments with increased electricity demand.
  • Creating new commercial growth opportunities.