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Safety at Darlington

Safety at Darlington

@Madarencal Hello, we just shared a tweet about Calabogie here:

Tue Sep 25 19:16:03

The rebuilding continues at our Calabogie hydro station. Friday night’s EF1 tornado ripped the roof from the powerh…

Tue Sep 25 19:00:50

RT @spark_centre: Not sure what to include in your video pitch submission? Our guide will help! Don't forget, APPL…

Tue Sep 25 18:16:34

Public and employee safety is the most important consideration when operating our nuclear facilities. Like our other nuclear power generating stations, Darlington has been designed and built with multiple barriers to safeguard against the release of radioactive materials. These barriers are protected by careful plant operation and maintenance, regular testing, and inspection by our highly qualified staff.

""Darlington Nuclear is licensed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, which regulates the use of nuclear energy and materials to protect health, safety, security and the environment through the Nuclear Safety and Control Act. In addition, the station is subject to other federal and provincial government safety and environmental regulations such as the Environmental Protection Act and the Planning Act. Darlington meets or surpasses all the prescribed regulations.