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Darlington Nuclear Licence Renewal

Darlington Nuclear Licence Renewal

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CNSC Grants Darlington Nuclear Ten Year Operating Licence

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) granted a ten year power reactor operating licence for Darlington Nuclear in December, 2015. The licence will be valid from Jan. 1, 2016 until Nov. 30, 2025.

CNSC staff will continue to provide annual regulatory oversight reports on the performance of the Darlington NGS and on the status of the refurbishment project and emergency planning throughout the licence term, as part of the CNSC’s annual Regulatory Oversight Report for Canadian Nuclear Power Plants. These reports will be presented by CNSC staff at public proceedings of the Commission, with public participation.

OPG will provide updates on the status of the refurbishment project to the CNSC following the return to service of each reactor unit, as well as a more comprehensive update following the return to service of the first reactor unit or by no later than the mid-term of the licence period. This update will be considered in a public proceeding of the Commission, with public participation.

Relevant documents, including OPG’s licence application, can be found below. The Summary Record of Proceedings and Decision and transcripts of the hearing are available in both official languages on the CNSC website at The webcast of the hearing is archived on the same site for a period of 90 days.  A detailed Record of Proceedings, Including Reasons for Decision will be published on the CNSC website at a later date. Interested persons are welcome to participate in Commission public proceedings and the power reactor relicensing process, please visit the CNSC website for more information.

For more information, please contact:

Ontario Power Generation
Media Relations
416-592-4008 or 1-877-592-4008
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To learn more about our operations and safety systems, view our videos:

Stakeholder Information sessions were held to discuss OPG’s application to the CNSC to renew the operating licence for the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station. The objective of the stakeholder information sessions was to share information about the Darlington station and provide an overview of the application. Information Session materials are available below.

To support public engagement for this licence renewal OPG posted numerous documents related to the application. They are provided for information purposes, and are not intended to replace, add to or change the detailed submissions. Documents not posted here need to be requested through OPG’s Freedom of Information request process.