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Special Interest Station Updates

Special Interest Station Updates

You bet we do. We’re going to have a shortage in Ontario, so please encourage your daughters and sons to consider s…

Mon Jan 21 20:12:35

@NuclearAus You’re welcome! We don’t have any insights right now, but when we do, we will share that news here.

Mon Jan 21 18:18:16

On #BlueMonday, here’s a heartwarming photo of a member of our Nanticoke biodiversity team with a baby fawn. We wor…

Mon Jan 21 16:54:16

Special Interest Station Updates

[August 31, 2018]: On Thursday, August 30, 2018, Pickering Unit 8 experienced a temporary loss of Class IV electrical power. Staff responded according to procedures and safely shut the unit down. It will remain offline for a previously planned maintenance outage.

All systems responded as designed and there was no impact on the safety of the public, employees or the environment. 
Pickering Units 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are all operating at full power.

For previous station updates, review the archive.

For information on Regulatory Reporting, Nuclear Oversight and Event Reporting, review the Reports page.

Questions? Contact: Jennifer Knox at 905-623-6670 ext. 7443