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Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory Reporting

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Regulatory reporting

OPG reports on many facets of its operations to many different levels of government and their agencies. Some of the regulatory bodies and legislation OPG adheres to include:


  • Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC): All nuclear construction, equipment, safety systems, security, operating limits, licences, decommissioning and waste management are subject to CNSC approval.
  • Environmental legislation, which includes the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, the Fisheries Act, Canadian Nuclear Safety Act and others.


  • Ontario Energy Board: OPG’s economic regulator.
  • Provincial and municipal legislation: including the Ontario Energy Board Act, the Electricity Act, the Environmental Protection Act, the Ontario Water Resources Act and the Environmental Assessment Act, etc.
  • Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) rule compliance required.

Nuclear safety oversight

OPG’s nuclear safety regulator is the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). Under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act (NSCA), the CNSC is responsible for regulating all nuclear facilities and nuclear-related activities in Canada. The CNSC grants station operating licences, which set out the regulations and requirements that stations must operate under.

For more information on the mandate of the CNSC, go to:

Oversight of OPG activities

The CNSC has a presence at each nuclear station in Canada. CNSC staff members have continuous access to inspect our stations and review our activities. CNSC staff report our activities to the CNSC Tribunal, an appointed body of individuals who provide further oversight on nuclear activities.

In addition to our own rigorous internal safety reporting and review process, OPG is also required to formally notify the CNSC of activities which meet a defined criteria. 'Event Reports' are provided to CNSC staff when an activity meets the thresholds set out by the Commission’s regulation document 3.1.1, Reporting Requirements for Nuclear Power Plants. These reports, numbering approximately 80 to 100 in a year, represent a very small fraction of the activities undertaken in a nuclear station every year but each is given scrutiny for a root cause, corrective action and resolution. Upon review by CNSC staff each year, typically a handful of these ‘Event Reports’ may be identified as having enough significance to warrant further review by the CNSC Commission Tribunal at one of their regularly held public meetings. There, the root cause and remedial actions and resolution of the event will be discussed in a public forum with this further level of oversight and accountability.

Event reports

Tracking and trending the events reported to the CNSC that occur in our plant is just one way OPG uses to identify trends requiring corrective or preventative action.

OPG Nuclear invests significant time and resource into our Corrective Action Program to ensure all observations by our staff, not only those that require reporting to the regulator, are captured, investigated and tracked for remediation.

The events reported to our regulator, as outlined in these documents, represent activities related to a fraction of the many thousands of tasks undertaken successfully in our stations by employees every year in our commitment to generating safe, clean electricity. Each one of these reports is thoroughly reviewed with the appropriate OPG staff and with the regulator to ensure they are addressed.

Lists of Event Report titles (also known as REGDOC-3.1.1) are available here in PDF format:

Pickering Reports

Darlington Reports

Nuclear Waste Management Facility Reports

Questions? For more information on the Event Reports listed, Event Reports from prior years or other reports on OPG’s operations, contact Jennifer Knox at 905-623-6670 ext. 7443.