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Deep Geologic Repository

 Deep Geologic Repository

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​About the DGR

OPG has safely transported, processed and stored low and intermediate-level nuclear waste for almost 50 years. While we can continue to safely store this waste above ground, we do have an obligation to future generations to dispose of this waste safely and responsibly where it cannot pose a threat to the public or the environment.

With the support of the Municipality of Kincardine and many surrounding municipalities, OPG has proposed the construction and operation of a Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) for the long-term management of low and intermediate-level nuclear waste on lands adjacent to the Western Waste Management Facility.

The proposed DGR will safely isolate and contain the waste 680 metres underground in stable rock formations that are more than 450 million years old.

More than 200,000 cubic metres of low and intermediate-level waste from Ontario's nuclear stations – 90 per cent of which is low level waste – is expected to be stored in the proposed DGR.

The proposed DGR will not store used nuclear fuel.

Committed to Safety

The DGR will safely isolate and contain the waste underground ensuring protection of the water and the environment. The DGR will be buried 680 metres (2,230 feet) – deeper than the CN Tower is tall – beneath the secure Bruce site. It will be constructed in low permeability limestone capped by 200 metres of low permeability shale. These rock formations, more than 450 million years old, are intact and do not have any major faults or fractures even though they have been subjected to many geologic events. They are stable and predictable and have excellent isolating capabilities. This type of setting is ideal for hosting a repository and ensuring long-term safety.

Why at the Bruce Site

  • The Bruce site has excellent geology for isolating and containing the waste and will protect Lake Huron
  • A DGR at the Bruce site has the support of the host and adjacent communities
  • Much of the Low and Intermediate level waste is already safely stored at the WWMF, and can be easily transferred to the DGR.

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