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Why Hydro?

Why Hydro?

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Why Hydroelectricity?
Looking to the future
OPG is getting ready for the future. Ontario needs electricity to light homes and schools, run businesses and hospitals, and drive the economy. Through conservation, individuals and businesses are working to reduce Ontarians' per capita energy needs. But conservation alone cannot provide for the energy needs of a growing population. Nor can it replace the energy currently produced by the coal-fired power plants that will be closed within a few years. OPG must be ready for the unknowns, as well. Putting all of Ontario's hydroelectric potential to work makes sense.
Looking at the past
Hydroelectricity has a long and storied past in Ontario. This clean, renewable source of energy fuelled the province's dramatic economic growth in the first half of the twentieth century. When the population expanded after 1945, OPG added other energy sources because hydroelectricity alone could not fulfill Ontario's growing energy needs. Even so, OPG still supplies about 20 per cent of Ontario's electricity through hydroelectric generation.
Sir Adam Beck II Generating Station
Hydroelectricity is a clean, renewable resource — one that contributes to a clean, green, healthy quality of life for all Ontarians. Pictured here is the Sir Adam Beck II Generating Station, which was put in service in 1954.