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Northeast Ontario

Northeast Ontario

Join us tomorrow for Water Safety Day at the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show!

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@AdamHalseyPEng Hi Adam, when you heat metal it expands - but- because the CTI is bound by the thick solid immov…

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Calabogie GS has been producing renewable energy on the Madawaska River for more than 100 years. Plans are underway…

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Smoky Falls station

Northeast Ontario


Ontario Power Generation's Northeast Plant Group operates 13 hydroelectric generating stations on four rivers: the Abitibi, Matabitchuan, Mattagami, and Montreal rivers. Since 1910, stations in Northeastern Ontario have played a key role in ensuring the province receives the electricity it needs to thrive.

These stations provide a clean, low-cost, renewable and reliable source of power to Ontarians year-round. Their combined capacity is over 1000 megawatts (MW). The plant group's annual production is in the range of four billion kilowatt-hours.

For almost a century, Ontario has relied on the topography of the northeast region to produce electric power. OPG and its predecessor companies have a long history in the community, dating back to 1910 when the first units at Hound Chute GS and Matabitchuan GS went into service. 

Northeast Hydro in the community

OPG's Northeast Plant Group, which is headquartered in Timmins, has 13 hydroelectric generating stations. These facilities — like the Abitibi Canyon Generating Station — have been a part of the local community for decades.

The Northeast PG is a proud community partner and is making a difference in the communities around our facilities in areas like Kapuskasing, New Liskeard, and Timmins. The Northeast PG has contributed to more than 50 local not-for-profit initiatives. 

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