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River System Data

River System Data

This is the Chippawa-Queenston Power Canal under construction in 1920. The sluice gate is 48-feet-wide! It's now kn…

Thu Apr 26 15:05:23

@RogerGlennAllen Hi Roger, you can learn about how we store and manage nuclear waste here:

Thu Apr 26 14:49:21

@DavidSimCheung That's the cost of power from Darlington and Pickering. The overall OPG rate in 2021 (blended nucle…

Wed Apr 25 20:21:13

OPG operates 66 hydroelectric stations, including a green power portfolio of 29 small hydroelectric plants, and 241 dams on 24 river systems.

Water level and flow information can be found on the individual river system pages linked below:

Central Ontario Northeast Ontario
Beaver River​ Abitibi River​
Mississippi River​ Matabitchuan River​
Muskoka River​ Mattagami River​
South River​ Montreal River​
Sturgeon River​
Wanapitei River​ Northwest Ontario​
Aguasabon River​​
Eastern Operations​​ Kaministiquia River​
Madawaska River​ Nipigon River​
Ottawa River​

This data is typically updated every Thursday although during spring time some river system data is updated more regularly.