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Generating Power

 Generating Power

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 Made in Ontario.

Across Ontario, from Cornwall to Kenora, OPG and our many partners are working to ensure a sustainable future with clean air, strong economies and liveable communities. That’s because we believe our purpose goes beyond generating electricity. 

Learn more about our projects, our partners, and our amazing people by visiting this special website or watch the video below for a brief look at why we’re committed to keeping Ontario’s air clean.

Our Generation Portfolio

As of Dec. 31, 2018, OPG had 16,295 megawatts (MW) of in-service generating capacity. As one of the largest producers of electricity in North America, OPG diversified, low-cost and low-emission portfolio includes 66 hydroelectric, one biomassone thermal and two nuclear stations, and one wind power turbine in Ontario, Canada. See a map of our operations.

Nuclear power stationNuclear Fleet 
Generating Capacity: 5728 MW
Stations: 2
2018 Output: 40.9 TWh
Currently Generating: 5476 MW


Hydroelectric power stationHydroelectric Fleet
Generating Capacity: 7480 MW
Stations: 66
2018 Output: 29.8 TWh
Currently Generating: 3225 MW

Thermal power stationThermal Fleet
Generating Capacity: 2305 MW
Stations: 2
2018 Output: 2.5 TWh
Currently Generating: 0 MW

  • In 2018, the availability of OPG's regulated and unregulated hydroelectric stations in Ontario were 86.0 per cent and 78.4 per cent, respectively.
  • In 2018, Darlington Nuclear had a capability factor of 88.6 per cent. The capability factor at Pickering Nuclear was 79.1 per cent.
  • Upon the acquisition of Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLC (Eagle Creek), OPG owns and operates 63 hydroelectric generating stations and has minority shareholdings in 13 hydroelectric generating stations and two solar facilities in 13 states across the United States. As of Dec. 31, 2018, Eagle Creek’s portfolio had an in-service generating capacity of approximately 226 MW, including its proportionate share of minority shareholdings in certain facilities. In 2018, OPG’s electricity production includes generation from Eagle Creek’s facilities from Nov. 27, 2018 to
    Dec. 31, 2018 of 0.1 TWh.
  • OPG is also a co-owner but not an operator of the Portlands Energy Centre and the Brighton Beach gas-fired generating station, both located in Ontario. In 2018, OPG’s 50 per cent share of the combined generating capacity and combined electricity production of these stations was 555 MW and 0.7 TWh, respectively.