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Approvals and Reporting

Approvals and Reporting

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An employee inspects control panels.

Regulatory Approvals and Reports


Nuclear power plants in Canada are subject to ongoing regulatory oversight by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), including regular licence renewal. OPG received approval to operate Darlington’s power reactor’s to 2028. This licence period will cover the time required to complete the refurbishment of all four Darlington reactor units.

Environmental Assessment

OPG undertook an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the refurbishment and continued operation of the four Darlington reactors. Following a detailed technical review of the work and a four-day public hearing, the CNSC agreed there would be no significant adverse environmental effects given available mitigation actions. This decision challenged and later upheld by a federal court.

Integrated Safety Review

An Integrated Safety Review (ISR) is a systematic assessment of the existing plant to determine if it conforms to modern standards and practices, and whether adequate arrangements are in place to maintain plant safety for long-term operation. Darlington’s ISR demonstrates the plant meets modern codes and standards and uses industry best practice.

Integrated Implementation Plan

The Darlington Integrated Implementation Plan (IIP) outlines the scope and time frames to implement the safety improvements resulting from the EA and ISR. Major activities include:

  • replacing fuel channels, feeder pipes, calandria tubes and end fittings;
  • installing safety improvement projects; and
  • undertaking a Global Assessment Report.

A Global Assessment Report (GAR) is an overall risk judgment on the acceptability of continued plant operations. Darlington’s GAR demonstrates the plant is is safe and reliable. The planned safety improvements will ensure its continued safety and reliability.

You can view or download OPG's regulatory submission on Darlington Nuclear Licence Renewal.

Strict Oversight

Two independent oversight organizations have been established: one reports to the Project Executive and the OPG Board of Directors (Burns & McDonnell/Modus); and a second, reports directly to the Ontario Ministry of Energy.