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Darlington Refurbishment

 Darlington Refurbishment

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We're building tomorrow. Together.

Our Darlington Nuclear Generating Station is one of the top performing nuclear stations in the world. The power plant has been producing about 20 per cent of the province’s electricity since the early 1990s. Now, after decades of reliable power generation, this clean energy source is undergoing a mid-life refurbishment that will benefit Ontarians for another 30 years.

The Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment is Canada’s largest clean energy project.

In October 2016, after years of detailed planning and preparation, our team of industry experts, highly-trained professionals and skilled tradespeople successfully took the first of four Darlington reactors offline, commencing a 10-year undertaking that is scheduled for completion in 2026.

The Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment remains on time and on budget, with more than 11 million hours worked safely since the start of the project.

A smart investment

The continued operation of Darlington Nuclear to 2055 will take the equivalent of two million cars off Ontario’s roads per year by avoiding significant greenhouse gas emissions, according to an independent report prepared by Intrinsik Environmental Sciences. The study compares the environmental impact of running the station to 2055 against other energy supply options, such as natural gas fired generation.

In addition to playing a significant role in Ontario’s clean energy equation, Darlington Refurbishment will have a significant long-term financial impact. According to an independent report by the Conference Board of Canada, the project and subsequent 30 years of station operation will generate a total of $89.9 billion in economic benefits for Ontario, including the preservation of approximately 3,000 jobs, and an expected boost to personal income by an average of $1.6 billion per year.

In November 2017, the Financial Accountability Office (FAO) released a report, “An Assessment of the Financial Risks of the Nuclear Refurbishment Plan,” which concludes, “There are no alternative scenarios that are comparable to refurbished nuclear generation in terms of both cost and emissions.”

In December 2018, the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario released its 2018 Annual Report, in which OPG was cited as having put in place a clear accountability structure to monitor that Darlington Refurbishment remains on track. It’s this diligent approach to oversight that helps us mitigate any risks to our project cost and schedule estimates, ensuring we continue to meet our commitment to the people of Ontario.

Refurbishment by the numbers

Here’s an overview of the economic and environmental benefits of Darlington Refurbishment:

  • Darlington Refurbishment is the largest infrastructure project and clean energy project in Canada.
  • Investment will increase Ontario’s nominal GDP by a total of $14.9 billion, and a total of $89.9 billion when calculating in 30 more years of station operations.
  • Due to the project’s low import content, with 96 per cent of project costs spent in Ontario, and the heavy reliance on Ontario-based contractors, for every $1 spent on the project, Ontario’s GDP will increase by an average of $1.40.
  • The project and ongoing operation will create about 14,200 jobs per year from 2017 to 2055.
  • Since increased employment and GDP translate into increased income, the project is expected to boost personal income by a total of $61.4 billion between 2017 and 2055.

See this infographic for more information about Darlington Refurbishment’s impact.