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Project news

Project news


Darlington Refurbishment remains on track at two-year mark

21 December, 2018
Workers assemble fuel channels for Darlington's Unit 2.

The 10-year mega-project began in October 2016 with the successful shutdown of Unit 2, the first of four nuclear reactors at the Darlington station to undergo a mid-life refurbishment.

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Safety culture doesn’t stop at work for this Darlington Refurb pipefitter

07 December, 2018
Christy DeCarlo, Level 2 Welding Inspector

Christy DeCarlo recently went to her apartment’s management office and made a report on unsafe work taking place outside her home.

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Auditor General: Darlington Refurb Project being diligently monitored by OPG but still faces future risks

07 December, 2018
Office of the Auditor General of Ontario

Read the results of the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario’s 2018 audit on OPG’s Darlington Refurbishment Project.

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OPG Releases Third Quarter Report on Darlington Refurbishment

21 November, 2018
2018 Third Quarter Darlington Refurbishment Report

Read about the performance of Canada’s largest clean energy project.

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Mom and daughter team up to promote women in energy

15 November, 2018
Janice Robertson Taylor and Hunter Taylor recently volunteered at OPG's Student Day.

For Hunter Taylor, the key to blazing her own career path in the energy industry was having a great female role model - her mom.

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Final calandria tube installed at Darlington’s Unit Two

06 November, 2018
New calandria tubes at Darlington Nuclear Generating Station.

The stage is set for bellows replacement followed by fuel channel installation.

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Over 3,000 turn out for Darlington Refurb Open House and Student Day

05 November, 2018
Thousands attended the Darlington Refurbishment Open House.

Over two days, members of the community had an opportunity to see and hear more about the refurbishment, including the economic and employment benefits that come with it.

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Rebuild of Darlington’s Unit 2 now underway

26 September, 2018
Calandria tubes are inspected at the Darlington Energy Complex.

Staff are now busy installing 480 new calandria tubes, which provide passage through the reactor’s tank, or calandria vessel, for the fuel channel assemblies.

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