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Project news

Project news

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Safety culture doesn’t stop at work for this Darlington Refurb pipefitter

07 December, 2018
Christy DeCarlo, Level 2 Welding Inspector

Christy DeCarlo recently went to her apartment’s management office and made a report on unsafe work taking place outside her home.

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New Indigenous jobs program helps millwright start nuclear career at OPG

11 July, 2018
Ben Shaughnessy, millwright apprentice from Curve Lake, ON.

The Indigenous Opportunities in Nuclear program recruits and places skilled members from Indigenous communities in jobs within the fast-growing nuclear industry.

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Millwright defied gender expectations to forge career in nuclear

07 March, 2018
Lorraine Chipman, centre, instructs other millwrights at the full-scale reactor mock-up.

Lorraine Chipman trains other members of her skilled trade on some of the tasks required for the Darlington Refurbishment project.

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Pipe welder embracing the experience of working on Refurbishment

29 September, 2017
Suveen Thandi is an experienced welder.

Suveen Thandi is an experienced welder contracted by Refurb supplier E.S. Fox to work on Unit 2.

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Steamfitter keeps zebra mussels at bay for Darlington Refurbishment

14 September, 2017
Brandon Wyatt.

Brandon Wyatt was contracted by ES Fox to work on the zebra mussel mitigation project at Darlington Nuclear.

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Our people: Julie Joyce

06 September, 2017
Julie being interviewed in front of shelves full of hard hats.

Julie is a Senior Engineer in the Chemistry and Environment Department of the Darlington Refurbishment Project.

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Carpenter Jamie Martin is carving her own career path with refurb

25 August, 2017
A close-up of Jamie wearing safety glasses and a hard hat

Jamie builds scaffolding to help workers access components inside the Unit 2 reactor vault.

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Radiation protection manager helps keep Darlington workers safe

12 May, 2017
Employee Joe Cicchini stands smiling with his arms crossed.

Joe Cicchini's job is critical for the safety of workers involved in OPG's Darlington Refurbishment.

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