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Pickering company uses innovation to support Darlington Refurbishment

 Pickering company uses innovation to support Darlington Refurbishment

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Staffing levels at Pickering-based Tetra Tech’s Power Division have more than doubled since 2013 in large part as a result of its work on the Darlington Refurbishment project with E.S. Fox and OPG.

Tetra Tech is one of approximately 200 companies across Ontario working on Canada’s largest clean energy project, joining the effort in 2013.

Tetra Tech provides services for Darlington Refurb including training using virtual and augmented reality.
Tetra Tech provides services for Darlington Refurbishment including training using virtual and augmented reality.

The company provides an array of services for the refurbishment, from engineering and project management to scheduling and training using innovative 4D, virtual and augmented reality approaches.

​The refurbishment-related growth has meant increasing capacity at its original Squires Beach Road facility as well as adding a second nearby office space to house staff. A number of Tetra Tech employees are also based at OPG sites to provide on-the-ground support.

Being part of the refurbishment has also provided opportunities for mentoring and sharing knowledge, said Tetra Tech’s president, Pat Marchione.

“The Darlington Refurbishment has opened up new potential for our next generation of technical staff to sit next to their peers in support of this significant project,” he said. “Since the project will result in Darlington continuing to produce economical and clean base load power for Ontarians for an additional three decades, ensuring that institutional and technical knowledge is passed along is so important.”

Tetra Tech’s innovations in 3D scanning and modeling to improve engineering quality, as well as 4D scheduling, which adds the time factor to a 3D model, are aimed at increasing predictability, enhancing safety, and maintaining schedule, said Marchione.

Tetra Tech is also working with OPG on training using both virtual and augmented reality.

The innovative approaches Ontario-based companies like Tetra Tech bring to the refurbishment are having a significant impact as OPG works to complete the project safely, with quality, on time and on budget.