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November 2017 Project Performance Update

 November 2017 Project Performance Update

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​Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are an important part of OPG’s strategy to ensure our commitments are met, to evaluate performance against plan and to guide our decision-making regarding any necessary course adjustments.

Overall, the Darlington Refurbishment project continues to remain on schedule and on budget.

Our November 2017 KPIs indicate we had no lost time or Level One Work Protection events during the month. A Safety Stand Down, initiated by the Joint Venture group, was a proactive step to reinforce safety as the core value for OPG and all of our contract partners on the project. Safety performance since has been excellent.

Segment 2B (reactor component removal) of the Unit 2 refurbishment schedule commenced in November, beginning with end fitting removal. By the end of the month, some days were lost on critical path, but the project remained on schedule.

Unit 2 Cost performance slightly decreased in November, but remained under budget, by $62 Million.

For an overview of our November 2017 KPIs, please read this infographic.

In addition to monthly KPI updates, OPG releases quarterly reports and electronic newsletters about the progress of the Darlington Refurbishment project. For more information, please visit