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October 2017 Project Performance Update

 October 2017 Project Performance Update

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​Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are an important part of OPG’s strategy to ensure our commitments are met, to evaluate performance against plan and to guide our decision-making regarding any necessary course adjustments.

​At the end of October, the Darlington Refurbishment project continued to progress on track, remaining ahead of our 40-month Unit 2 schedule with costs at $4 million below plan.

During the month, there were no Level One Work Protection events or medically-treated injuries; however, we experienced one Maximum Reasonable Potential for Harm event and two medically treated injuries. Our overall All Injury Rate was good.

Dummy fuel bundle removal and pressure tube sever were completed on Oct. 11 and Oct. 24, respectively. Toward the end of the month, bellows sever tooling began. This work leads into the next major phase on the Unit 2 refurbishment schedule, where workers will completely dismantle the reactor core. The phase, which is expected to continue until spring 2018, will include the removal of vital reactor components, such as end fittings, pressure tubes and calandria tubes.

Please read this infographic, summarizing this month’s KPIs.

In addition to monthly KPI updates, OPG releases quarterly information about the progress of the Darlington Refurbishment project. For more information about our third quarter project performance, read our Darlington Refurbishment report and watch this video by Dietmar Reiner, Senior Vice President of Nuclear Projects.