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September 2017 Project Performance Update

 September 2017 Project Performance Update

For those who lived through it, Aug. 14, 2003, is a day we’ll always remember. Looking back 15 years, we’re proud o…

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RT @spark_centre: Spark Centre and Ontario Power Generation Expand Innovation Categories for Ignite Pitch Competition…

Tue Aug 14 15:00:30

@PureShakti @dcharvie @greg60328592 @cleanenergycan Darlington Refurbishment remains on time and on budget. Learn m…

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are an important part of OPG’s strategy to ensure our commitments are met, to evaluate performance against plan and to guide our decision-making regarding any necessary course adjustments.

​September, the Darlington Refurbishment project continued to progress on track. The project’s cost performance remained slightly under budget. OPG and its project partners continue to work together to safely implement cost-savings related measures. The project remains ahead of the 40-month committed schedule and efforts aimed at further schedule improvements continues.

There were no Level One Work Protection events or medically-treated injuries in September. There were, however, three Maximum Reasonable Potential for Harm events. The overall All Injury Rate improved over August.

We met a significant milestone in late September with completion of the feeder removal series. This involved 2,400 cuts inside the reactor, allowing us to remove 390,000 pounds of material. Bellows severing is now underway.

Since October 2016, work on Unit 2 has included successfully defueling and separating the unit from the rest of the station, and preparing the reactor for disassembly. The new phase, which is expected to start by the end of November, will continue to June 2018 and includes removing vital reactor components, such as end fittings, pressure tubes and calandria tubes.

In addition to monthly updates, each quarter OPG releases more detailed information on the progress of the Darlington refurbishment. For more information, please see our Q3 Report.