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August 2017 Project Performance Update

 August 2017 Project Performance Update

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are an important part of OPG’s strategy to ensure our commitments are met, to evaluate performance against plan and to guide our decision-making regarding any necessary course adjustments.

​In August, the Darlington Refurbishment project’s cost performance remained slightly under budget. Tight control on costs remains a constant focus. The Joint Venture Group (SNC-Lavalin and AECON) continue to work together to implement effective cost reduction and resource strategies in the field.

Safety performance was negatively impacted by four medically treated injuries; however, there were no High Maximum Reasonable Potential for Harm events and overall safety performance was good. We experienced no quality events during this time period.

The project remains ahead of our 40-month public commitment and steady progress has been made in preparing for full reactor disassembly, beginning in November.

On Sept. 20, the project accomplished a major milestone when we completed the safe removal of 960 feeders from the Unit 2 reactor. We are now powering forward, beginning work directly on the calandria face.

For a summary of our August 2017 KPIs, view this infographic.