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OPG Biodiversity

 OPG Biodiversity

These handsome fellas, Fathead and Snotlout (named by our falconer‚Äôs kids ūüėā), scare the gulls away from the Darling‚Ķ

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Thank you @ccab_national.

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A future guide dog puppy is learning on the job, #DarlingtonRefurb Unit #2 rebuild is underway, Ranney Falls contin…

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Committed to the Conservation and Enhancement of Ontario’s Biodiversity

OPG is committed to being a leader and innovator in advancing biodiversity by implementing biodiversity programs at our site communities, and creating and supporting biodiversity partnerships across Ontario. These initiatives are designed to implement the "4 Rs" of biodiversity:

  • Retain what is ecologically significant;¬†
  • Restore habitats that have been degraded;¬†
  • Replace habitats that have been lost (where ecologically and economically feasible); and help
  • Recover species that are at risk.

OPG has helped create and care for wetlands, woodlands, greenspaces and nature trails across the province. Learn more about our partnering to protect biodiversity and our commitment to the environment.

Collaboration with Community Partners

‚ÄčOPG has developed partnerships to support important programs and events that make it easy and fun for you and your family to get involved with our environment.¬†Learn more about our partners and check out our events calendar to see how you can get involved.

Wildlife Habitats

Over the years OPG has supported the planting more than 6.7 million native trees and shrubs, and created habitats throughout the province that support a wide diversity of plant and animal species.

Twelve of OPG‚Äôs generating sites have achieved ‚ÄúWildlife at Work‚ÄĚ certification and six of our sites have been further certified for their ‚ÄúCorporate Lands for Learning‚ÄĚ programs by the Wildlife Habitat Council. These sites have both protected and enhanced wildlife habitats on their properties, demonstrating commitment to environmental stewardship and the conservation of native biodiversity.

OPG Regional Biodiversity Program

A Northern Leopard frog
‚ÄčOur Regional Biodiversity Program is strategically focused on funding efforts that contribute to the protection and restoration of a natural heritage system of habitat cores, and corridors across Ontario. Through this program, we fund woodland, wetland, grassland, lakes and rivers, and urban biodiversity projects. Learn more.