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I-SNPM executive development program

The International Senior Nuclear Plant Manager (I-SNPM) program is a collaboration between Ontario Power Generation and EDF Energy endorsed by the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO). The program brings together a diverse group of top leaders and experts from within the nuclear industry.

The program faculty has featured high caliber speakers and mentors with extensive global experience in the nuclear industry including Chief Nuclear Officers, Managing Directors and a WANO CEO.

The five-week program involves a combination of mentor-led classroom sessions and onsite visits to world-class nuclear facilities to observe and discuss excellence in nuclear leadership.

This is an outstanding opportunity for high potential leaders to connect with international peers from across the industry. Providing a platform to share and discuss their own successes and challenges with experienced experts.

To register a potential participant in I-SNPM complete the registration form below.

  1. To establish clear and well-understood standards for the conduct of senior plant staff;
  2. To enhance the ability of senior plant personnel to identify, analyze and solve management problems encountered in nuclear plants;
  3. To facilitate and strengthen lesson transfers between nuclear sites; and
  4. To provide ongoing support for key plant staff through mentoring.

Eligible participants are currently a department head, director, or superintendent position (or similar) in the international nuclear industry. They are considered high potential candidates for advancement to more senior roles within their organization.

Participants require appropriate levels of leadership responsibilities, experience and exposure to allow them to interact comfortably and contribute effectively within this program.

Efforts will be made to ensure program candidates are not all from similar disciplines.

  • Small class sizes to encourage discussions and participation.
  • A combination of off-site classroom instruction and on-site visits to operating nuclear facilities.
  • Different mentors for each classroom session selected for their experience and credentials.
  • Case studies involving different leadership issues and challenges, where candidates evaluate both problems and solutions, and discuss composite industry experience.
  • Mentor-led, evening discussions with participants that focus on practical application of classroom work and allow for candid information and experience sharing.
  • Opportunities to benchmark best practices in leadership, management, station processes and business approaches.
  • An emphasis on selecting program candidates from varying disciplines.

Classroom sessions involve a mixture of presentations, facilitated discussions, case study reviews and information sessions that explore:

  • Improving performance through leadership
  • Inspiring trust
  • Safety culture
  • Ethics & political savvy
  • Implementing strategies across the business
  • Declining plant performance
  • Communication skills & development
  • Human performance
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Current industry trends & standards
  • Action planning

The fee to attend an I-SNPM program is $25,000 (CDN) plus applicable taxes.* Payment details will be provided once your registration form has been accepted.

*Course registration fee does not include travel costs, accommodations, meals and incidental expenses.


I-SNPM 2020-1

Oct. 18 to Nov. 20, 2020

Week 1 - Classroom


Week 2 - Site visit

International sites

Week 3 - Classroom


Week 4 - Site visit

International sites

Week 5 - Classroom