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Spotlight on OPG employee Melina Depante

While most people are hitting the snooze button to catch some extra z’s, Melina Depante is happily ducking and weaving punches in a boxing ring.

Whether it’s early mornings or late at night, training for the physically demanding sport is something the OPG security officer lives for, hitting the gym six to seven days a week for up to four hours a day.

Melina Depante, security officer at OPG's R.H. Saunders Generating Station.
Melina Depante, security officer at OPG's R.H. Saunders Generating Station.

Depante has worked at OPG for two years in Security and Emergency Services as a security officer, spending one year at Pickering Nuclear Generating Station (GS) as a Nuclear Security Officer before moving to Cornwall. She now helps manage security activities at OPG’s R.H. Saunders GS.

As a security officer, Depante ensures the safety of station staff and the public by patrolling the property, monitoring surveillance equipment, and inspecting buildings and access points. She also monitors station facilities to prevent trespassing.

“I always have to be intuitive and situationally aware. Threat assessment and prevention are the focus,” Depante explains. “The best part of my job is the unknown. Every day brings a new challenge which demands focus, adaptability and quick thinking.

“I love the people I work with and the comradery we share. No two days are ever the same,” she said.

After spending a decade with the Toronto Police Service, Depante decided it was time for a change and joined OPG.

The career shift has allowed her more time to pursue her passions, which include boxing, photography, and adrenaline-inducing sports like skydiving and white water rafting.

“I love the thrill of extreme sports and challenging myself in ways that push me further than I knew I could go,” she said. “It’s all about chasing after your passions and potential.”

Not only is she passionate about the world of sport as an athlete, having a vast and professional knowledge of both boxing and Mixed Martial Arts, she also works at international professional boxing events where she takes photos, films promotional videos, and rubs elbows with legends of the sport.

“I’ve worked alongside Vasyl Lomachenko, Mikey Garcia, Oscar De La Hoya, and I’ve even had brunch with Manny Pacquiao,” Depante said. “I can’t begin to describe what it’s like to work with legends whose careers you’ve been following for years. It’s a surreal experience.”

Whether she’s keeping R.H. Saunders GS secure or stepping into the ring, Depante brings the same energy and passion.

“With determination, hard work, persistence and self focus, you can do anything you put your mind to,” she said.