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Spotlight on OPG employee Jaimie Dack

The weather may be heating up, but Jaimie Dack feels right at home submerged in the cold waters around OPG’s generating stations.

OPG diver Jaimie Dack outfitted in full diving gear.
OPG diver Jaimie Dack outfitted in full diving gear.

Clad in thermal layers and a waterproof suit, the commercial diver has been braving the frigid conditions since joining the company’s dive team in April 2017.

Working in OPG’s Inspection and Reactor Innovation department, Dack enjoys doing one of the most unconventional jobs for the company. It’s a job that sees her travel across the province and swim into water intakes at OPG’s hydro and nuclear generating stations. While underwater, Dack inspects the intakes for blockages, damage, and possible environmental problems like invasive zebra mussels that could affect the flow of water and the station’s proper operation.

“I’m very fortunate to be able to do the job I love, meet new people, travel all over the province and learn something new every day,” she said. “No day is ever the same and I love that.”

Her love of diving began in elementary school when a guest speaker came to discuss future job opportunities. As soon as commercial diving was mentioned, Dack was hooked – her goal was to become a diver.

Several years later, she joined a construction company out of high school to pay for her education at the Canadian Working Divers Institute. In October 2014, she earned her Unrestricted Surface Supplied Commercial Diving Licence and she hasn't looked back.

Jaimie Dack's hobbies include fishing.
Jaimie Dack's hobbies include fishing.

“The education was easy,” she said. “All you need is your high school diploma and a good work ethic. The hard part was working for several years part time, with side jobs and working to become a respected diver.”

While many would find diving a terrifying profession, Dack finds it fun and calming.

“I never really have any fear when I'm diving into the intake. I'm used to it,” she explains. “The diving community and OPG's safety procedures are so extensive that I'm never that nervous when diving, which allows me to focus on the task at hand.”

Originally from Haliburton, Dack’s rural upbringing helped shape her choice of hobbies from a young age. She loves four wheeling on dirt trails, paddle boarding, fishing, and snowmobiling through the glades in winter.

Employee spotlight: Jaimie Dack

Position: Commercial diver with OPG’s Inspection and Reactor Innovation division
Work location: Wesleyville
Years of service: Two
Most common underwater sight? Fish. “It’s still cool to have fish swim by your head and startle you a bit.”
Favourite place to visit in Ontario: Kenora
Favourite hobbies: Fishing, snowmobiling and paddle boarding