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Keeping communities safe

The safety of the public and our staff is our number one priority. See how Ontario Power Generation maintain strong safety systems, robust emergency plans and how we strive to keep the public informed through our many water safety and nuclear emergency preparedness campaigns and initiatives.

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Our commitment to safety

Safety systems

Our nuclear stations are fitted with rapid shutdown systems that can stop a chain reaction within seconds. The safety systems are independent from the rest of the plant, and each key safety component has three backups. The station containment systems are also designed to lock harmful radiation within the facility. Ontario’s CANDU® reactors have considerable redundancy in back-up power supplies. Across OPG’s nuclear fleet there is a mix of standby generators, emergency power generators, and auxiliary generators with varying degrees of seismic resiliency.

Emergency preparedness

OPG's first responsibility is to ensure our nuclear reactors are operated and maintained to prevent accidents. We follow strict safety standards and regulatory requirements to ensure employees, the public and the surrounding environment are protected from any abnormal events. In the unlikely event of an accident, our responsibility is to make sure it's controlled and any radiation releases are minimized. We maintain an emergency plan and work with the Ontario Government, Durham Region and the City of Toronto to ensure emergency responses to many scenarios are tested on a regular basis.

Public water safety

OPG staff work closely with partners in site communities to promote public safety around dams and hydroelectric stations. OPG properties and facilities are clearly marked with warning signs, and barriers are in place to prevent access. Our province-wide, “Stay Clear, Stay Safe” water safety campaigns illustrate the dangers of water near hydro dams and stations.