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Electric Vehicles

 Electric Vehicles

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​Ontario’s 2016 Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) identifies the electrification of the transportation sector as a key action to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Ontario. More than 30 percent of Ontario’s GHG pollution is caused by this sector; cars and trucks are the main contributors. With the increase of commuters and vehicle ownership, it is now more important than ever to transform our energy use and boost low-carbon innovations for the future.

OPG is well positioned to be a leader in the province’s initiative. In 2014, we burned our last piece of coal to make electricity. This was the largest single action to combat climate change in North America to date. Today, we provide about half of the electricity used in Ontario and our power is more than 99 per cent free of smog and carbon emissions.

We’re proud of this achievement, and we believe using clean electrons to power our cars, trains and buses is the next big climate change victory in Ontario. To this end, OPG has developed an electrification strategy that supports the province in reaching its CCAP goals, and allows us to take advantage of potential future commercial growth and innovation opportunities in the area of electrification. 

Specifically, OPG’s electrification strategy focuses on: 

  • Transitioning our gas-powered vehicle fleet to electric vehicles (EV), where feasible.
  • Facilitating EV adoption by OPG employees, by providing critical resources and information to support EV purchases, as well as access to workplace charging infrastructure.
  • Establishing collaborative partnerships that help us understand the impacts of electrification and in turn, capitalize on potential future commercial growth and innovation opportunities.

Learn more about about our sponsorships and partnership projects.