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Regulated electricity rates

Ontario Power Generation is the largest clean energy generator in Ontario, producing more than half of the Province’s energy at a cost that's about a third less than other generators. OPG is also the only rate-regulated generator in the province.

See how most of OPG’s electricity production is regulated by the Ontario Energy Board, and the role we play in moderating the price of electricity in Ontario.

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Regulated rates for Ontarians

OPG is the only generator in the province whose rates are set through public hearings with the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) and our net income benefits Ontario.

As mandated by the OEB Act, these rate application proceedings are conducted in an open and transparent manner and OPG’s application documents are publicly disclosed on this website.

OEB applications

Rate applications to the Ontario Energy Board.

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Nuclear stations are regulated


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Hydroelectric stations located in Ontario are regulated


Almost 85%

Of OPG’s revenue comes from regulated assets

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Consulting consumers for accountability

During OPG’s rate applications, individual consumers or groups of electricity ratepayers may request to become intervenors, allowing them to participate directly in the public hearings and influence the OEB’s decision-making.

In preparation for its next rate application, OPG also consulted directly with Ontarians and stakeholders.

The rate application process makes OPG more accountable to Ontario’s consumers for our electricity rates than any other generator.

About the Ontario Energy Board

The OEB is responsible for promoting sustainability and reliability in Ontario’s energy sector by setting rates that are fair to customers and to OPG.

For more information, please visit the OEB website.