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Darlington Refurbishment

Explore one of Canada’s largest clean energy projects.

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Jobs per year



Billion dollars into Ontario’s GDP

Business Performance


Of project dollars spent in Ontario

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Our Stories

Darlington Nuclear’s Unit 1 sets world record for continuous operation

Unit 1 at OPG’s Darlington Nuclear Generating Station has set a new world record for continuous operation of a nuclear power reactor.

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Our people

OPG’s Nancy England helps keep R.H. Saunders GS running smoothly

OPG’s Nancy England is proud of her role in keeping the R.H. Saunders GS a well-oiled, clean power machine.

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Pickering Nuclear’s Unit 4 marks two years of consecutive operation

Unit 4 at Pickering Nuclear GS capped a remarkable run earlier this month at 730 consecutive days of operation.

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