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Our Stories

Our Stories


Training mock-up keeps refurbishment on track

26 May, 2017
A worker trains on the Powertrack mock-up in the Darlington Energy Centre.

The Powertrack mock-up was designed for honing skills needed for the job in a non-nuclear environment before moving into the actual fuelling duct.

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An early delivery for Darlington Refurbishment

24 May, 2017
A Cameco worker performs testing on a new Calandria tube.

One of the key components in Darlington Nuclear’s Unit 2 refurbishment has arrived early and on budget.

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Our people: Gerry McKenna

22 May, 2017
Gerry stands outside holding a nest box for birds.

Over his 33 years at OPG/Ontario Hydro, Gerry has seen biodiversity go from a poorly understood term to the forefront of the company’s identity.

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Stay afloat, stay safe at Ontario Parks this summer

19 May, 2017
Two people in life jackets walk away from a boat on the shore.

Once again adults and children can borrow personal flotation devices for free at 70 provincial parks across Ontario.

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Our people: Sara Rasouli

17 May, 2017
Sara sits at a desk in an office.

Sara is a top-ranked candidate entering the challenging Shift Supervisor Training program at our Pickering nuclear plant.

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Awareness of dam dangers has come a long way

15 May, 2017
A dam with water safety signage and barriers in place.

In the last 15 years, Tony Bennett has noticed a marked improvement in the public’s awareness of the life-threatening dangers.

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Radiation protection manager helps keep Darlington workers safe

12 May, 2017
Employee Joe Cicchini stands smiling with his arms crossed.

Joe Cicchini's job is critical for the safety of workers involved in OPG's Darlington Refurbishment.

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Welcome home: Peregrines back at Pickering Nuclear

10 May, 2017
A peregrine falcon perches at Pickering Nuclear Generating Station.

Two mated peregrine falcons have called our Pickering station home since 2013.

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