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Our Stories

Our Stories

What you need to know about Freshet, the annual spring thaw

27 March, 2017
Spring waters rush down from a hydroelectric power station

It's an important, but often misunderstood, process that can impact Ontario's hydroelectric operations and the people who use affected river systems.

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Kids live out their hockey dreams at Little NHL tourney

21 March, 2017
Peyton Thompson, 6, holds the championship cup above his head

This year's week-long competition attracted a record 204 teams and more than 3,000 players.

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Planned outages keep nuclear stations humming

17 March, 2017
Workers perform maintenance activities on a turbine during a nuclear plant planned outage

Low-cost and clean nuclear power continues to meet 60 per cent of Ontario's electricity needs.

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Our people: Cheryl Johnston

15 March, 2017
Employee Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl is a Senior Communications Advisor at the Pickering Nuclear info centre, serving as the station’s ambassador to the community.

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Our people: Karen Fritz

08 March, 2017
A close-up of Karen Fritz, Director of Unit Outage at OPG.

Karen is a Director of Unit Outage working on Darlington Refurbishment, Canada's largest clean energy project.

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Our people: Ginny Ly

07 March, 2017
Ginny Ly in safety gear at a hydroelectric station project location.

Ginny is a Manager of Project Services and part of a team that builds hydroelectric power plants.

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Key electrical equipment upgraded at R.H. Saunders GS

03 March, 2017
A view from on top of R.H. Saunders hydroelectric generating station

Replacing equipment at our hydro stations is vital to ensure they generate clean, renewable power for years to come.

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Richard Hearn helped shape Ontario's clean power future

01 March, 2017
Richard Hearn flips the switch at the opening of the thermal station that bore his name.

Hearn was one of a group of hydro pioneers that helped establish Ontario's public power company and an early advocate for nuclear power.

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