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Our Stories

Our Stories

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Welder withstands pressure and heat for Darlington Refurbishment

10 July, 2017
Larry Bishop portrait

Larry Bishop has established a reputation as a "go-to person" when complex weld work needs to be completed.

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Our people: Tim Burgess

04 July, 2017
Tim stands before an emergency vehicle with protective gear.

Tim trains emergency responders at OPG's Wesleyville site in eastern Ontario and also on the road at OPG sites across the province.

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Our people: Nancy England

16 June, 2017
Nancy stands on a hydroelectric dam.

Nancy is a First Line Manager with OPG's Eastern Operations; producing clean, renewable hydroelectric power for Ontario.

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Our people: Gerry McKenna

22 May, 2017
Gerry stands outside holding a nest box for birds.

Over his 33 years at OPG/Ontario Hydro, Gerry has seen biodiversity go from a poorly understood term to the forefront of the company’s identity.

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Our people: Sara Rasouli

17 May, 2017
Sara sits at a desk in an office.

Sara is a top-ranked candidate entering the challenging Shift Supervisor Training program at our Pickering nuclear plant.

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Radiation protection manager helps keep Darlington workers safe

12 May, 2017
Employee Joe Cicchini stands smiling with his arms crossed.

Joe Cicchini's job is critical for the safety of workers involved in OPG's Darlington Refurbishment.

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Our people: Stephanie Smith

04 April, 2017
Stephanie Smith stands before a white board while leading a discussion.

This executive has made a career out of taking on big challenges in her 27 years at OPG.

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Our people: Cheryl Johnston

15 March, 2017
Employee Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl is a Senior Communications Advisor at the Pickering Nuclear info centre, serving as the station’s ambassador to the community.

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