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Our Stories

Our Stories

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Training mock-up keeps refurbishment on track

26 May, 2017
A worker trains on the Powertrack mock-up in the Darlington Energy Centre.

The Powertrack mock-up was designed for honing skills needed for the job in a non-nuclear environment before moving into the actual fuelling duct.

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An early delivery for Darlington Refurbishment

24 May, 2017
A Cameco worker performs testing on a new Calandria tube.

One of the key components in Darlington Nuclear’s Unit 2 refurbishment has arrived early and on budget.

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Radiation protection manager helps keep Darlington workers safe

12 May, 2017
Employee Joe Cicchini stands smiling with his arms crossed.

Joe Cicchini's job is critical for the safety of workers involved in OPG's Darlington Refurbishment.

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Our people: Karen Fritz

08 March, 2017
A close-up of Karen Fritz, Director of Unit Outage at OPG.

Karen is a Director of Unit Outage working on Darlington Refurbishment, Canada's largest clean energy project.

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From Boilermaker to Operations Manager: A career in nuclear

22 February, 2017
Jeff Acorn stands in a nuclear pwoer plant turbine hall

Jeff Acorn has 16 years of experience and has worked on 60 nuclear reactor maintenance outages.

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BWXT plays important role in Darlington nuclear defuelling

13 January, 2017
A group photo of BWXT employees.

BWXT NEC and its predecessor have been involved in the defuelling initiative since 2013.

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Keeping safety top of mind

23 November, 2016
A close up portrait of OPG employee Christina Preston.

Christina Preston is a Health and Safety Advisor working on Darlington Refurbishment, Canada's largest clean energy project.

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Darlington Refurb a true team effort

27 October, 2016
A contractor in protective clothing performs training activities on a reactor mock-up.

More than 60 companies, big and small, from 54 Ontario communities are directly engaged in the project.

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