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Darlington Refurbishment

 Darlington Refurbishment

Proud to support this tree planting initiative.

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We can’t wait to celebrate Canada's oldest & longest footpath at #BruceTrailDay on Oct. 2. Don’t miss it!…

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Ready for Refurbishment

OPG is ready to deliver on the Government’s decision to invest in refurbishing the four units at our Darlington Nuclear Generating Station.

The $12.8-billion investment will generate $14.9 billion in economic benefits to Ontario, including thousands of construction jobs at Darlington (an average of 8,800 per year) and at some 60 Ontario companies supplying components for the work.

This investment also preserves about 3,000 jobs through the 30-plus years the station will continue producing clean, reliable, base load power at a cost lower than other alternatives considered. The price of power from the refurbished station is expected to be between 7 and 8 cents per kilowatt hour. The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) will determine the final rate.

The refurbishment project is subject to strict oversight to ensure safety, reliable supply and value for customers, and OPG’s robust risk management strategy ensures contractors are held accountable and appropriate off-ramps are in place.

Canada’s largest clean power project is scheduled for completion by 2026.

Project Updates

As part of our commitment to transparency, OPG will keep Ontarians, our local communities, partners and stakeholders informed of our progress at every stage of the Darlington Refurbishment:

Darlington Refurbishment Performance Reports

News Releases

Previous news releases available in our news archive.