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Project Updates

Project Updates

Invasive zebra mussels at our #hydro stations have met their match w/ safe & environmentally friendly UV treatment:…

Wed Jan 18 20:14:37

We ❤️ @LinkedIn. Learn more about OPG, our employees, and projects by following our company page:…

Wed Jan 18 18:39:18

Great story about the fantastic work by @TWC_Wildlife to help protect local #wildlife.

Wed Jan 18 16:43:18
An employee in protective gear trains for Darlington Refurbishment.

Defuelling and the separation of Unit 2 from the station - the first segment in the Darlington Refurbishment project - are underway.

Following the safe shutdown of Unit 2 on October 15 of last year, a major milestone was reached with the successful defuelling of the unit.

On January 11, staff working to remove fuel from the reactor core completed this phase of the project safely, on budget and almost a month ahead of schedule. Over the course of 86 days, 6,240 fuel bundles were removed from 480 fuel channels in the reactor core and safely discharged and stored. This was done while ensuring the highest standards of nuclear safety, and with the support of OPG vendor partners such as BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada.

Read more on how both organizations worked toward achieving defuelling success.

As part of our commitment to transparency, OPG will keep Ontarians, our community, partners and stakeholders informed of our progress at every stage of the Darlington Refurbishment. Check this web page regularly for updates.

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