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Special Interest Station Updates

Special Interest Station Updates

Tonight: nature’s only flying mammals are featured at a @RiverInstituteC workshop; Cornwall visitor centre, 7 p.m.

Sat Jul 23 15:00:07

Roger that. We’re ready to go as firefighters train for the most daring of rescues:

Sat Jul 23 14:00:57

Fire or water, firefighters train to battle all the elements:

Fri Jul 22 19:49:26

Special Interest Station Updates

2016 - Q3

[July 6, 2016]:  During routine maintenance at Pickering Nuclear, a contained leak of liquid hydrazine was reported on Unit 7. A team was mobilized to clean the affected area. Subsequent test results were within normal limits.

There were no known impacts on the safety of employees, the public or the environment. There was no threat to the safe operation of the plant.

Units 1, 4, 5, and 6 are operating at full power. Units 7 and 8 are undergoing maintenance outages.

For previous station updates, review the archive.

For information on Regulatory Reporting, Nuclear Oversight and Event Reporting, review the Reports page.

Questions? Contact: Kevin Powers, Director Nuclear Public Affairs at 416-592-8470.​