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Nuclear Waste Management

Nuclear Waste Management

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@MeaghanReimchen Hey Meaghan - @TransCanada is building a new generating station beside Lennox. Visit for more info.

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Electricity powers our economy, schools, and hospitals and is an integral part of our modern life. The electricity generated by nuclear power comes with the by-product of nuclear waste. Every employee of OPG’s Nuclear Waste Management Division recognizes and accepts the responsibility for the management of our waste in an environmentally, socially and financially responsible manner.

We are dedicated, uncompromising and absolute in our commitment to the safety of fellow employees, the public, the communities where we operate, and the environment.

Safe, responsible management of nuclear waste

OPG operates three facilities for the interim management of nuclear waste generated by OPG’s 10 nuclear reactors and Bruce Power’s eight nuclear reactors. We constantly strive to improve upon our safety record and to remain on the leading edge of developments in the nuclear waste industry. We exchange our experience, knowledge and research with the international community.

Planning for the future

As of 2013, OPG has set aside $12.5 billion in secure, well managed trust funds for this purpose.​

Learn how OPG manages nuclear waste safely and securely: