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Generating Power

 Generating Power

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 Generating power

Powering the Future

In 2014, we burned our last piece of coal to make electricity. This was the largest single action to combat climate change in North America to date. Our two northwestern coal stations were converted to renewable biomass. Now, together with a diverse fleet that includes 65 hydroelectric stations and two nuclear stations, OPG’s power is more than 99 per cent free of smog and greenhouse gas emissions.

In Powering the Future – a multi-media campaign – OPG talks proudly of its role as Ontario’s largest, clean power generator. TV ads will run between March 21 and April 30 on network and specialty channels across Ontario. 

To learn more about we’re making sure our generating stations continue to provide clean, reliable power at about 40 percent of the cost of other generators, please see the information below and throughout our website, and follow us on Twitter @opg.

Our Generation Portfolio

As one of the largest producers of electricity in North America, Ontario Power Generation operates/maintains 65 hydroelectric, 2 biomass1 thermal, 2 nuclear stations and 1 wind power turbine. At Sept. 30, 2016, OPG had 17,055 megawatts (MW) of in-service generating capacity.

In fact, OPG owns one of the most diversified, low-cost and low-emission portfolios in North America. Our commitment is to continually improve the efficiency of our generating stations so that Ontario has the power it needs, when it needs it.

In 2015, OPG generated almost 50 per cent of the electricity in Ontario or 78.0 terawatt hours (TWh).

Nuclear power stationNuclear Fleet 
Generating Capacity: 6,606 MW
Stations: 2
2015 Output: 44.5 TWh
Currently Generating: {#MEGAFILE_NUCLEAR} MW


Hydroelectric power stationHydroelectric Fleet
Generating Capacity: 7,438 MW
Stations: 65
2015 Output: 32.9 TWh
Currently Generating: {#MEGAFILE_HYDRO} MW

Thermal power stationThermal Fleet
Generating Capacity: 2,458 MW
Stations: 3
2015 Output: 0.0 TWh
Currently Generating: {#MEGAFILE_FOSSIL} MW

  • Throughout 2015, the availability of OPG's regulated and unregulated hydroelectric stations remained at high levels of 91.2 per cent and 88.6 per cent, respectively.
  • In 2015, Darlington Nuclear had a capability factor of 76.9 per cent. The capability factor at Pickering Nuclear was 79.4 per cent.
  • OPG is also co-owner but not operator of the Portlands Energy Centre and the Brighton Beach gas-fired generating station. In 2015, these stations had a combined generating capacity of 555 MW and production of 0.6 TWh.